Veteran Golfers

Redcliffe Veterans 2023/2024

A Veteran Golfer is a person who, is an amateur golfer and is a financial playing member of a Golf Club affiliated with Golf Australia, holding a current Golf Australia handicap; and is a member of a Veteran Association, or other body affiliated with the Australian Veteran Golfers Union.

Membership of the Redcliffe Veterans Golf Club is open to all members of the Redcliffe Golf Club. Fees are follows:

  • Annual Membership Fee: $10.00
  • Members and Members of Reciprocal Clubs Competition Fee: $15.00
  • Veteran Visitors: $15.00 Competition Fee + $64.00 Green Fee
  • New members: $75.00 (includes the cost of a personalised club shirt)

The Vets play on Mondays and Visitors are always welcome (subject to availability of playing times) – Vets Competitions are now listed on the Club’s Online Booking Sheet. All members who wish to play should register online; visitors, who must be Veteran members of their own club, should request a booking via the office.

For further information please contact either
Wayne Jackson secretary – 0438 746 202
Col Walker club captain 0410 579 718

Information for Veterans:

The Vets Club is run by an elected Executive Committee of volunteer members. All members of the Vets must be Veteran members of their own club or men over 55 years of age and women over 50 years of age.

New members:
New Members are very Welcome.

Application to join the Vets is via our secretary. Once received your name is added to a waiting list until approved. When confirmed you will be invited to register by completing an application form and paying the registration fee of $75. This includes a Vets Club shirt (white or red) embroidered with your Christian name.

Should you require more information please contact our Secretary (Wayne Jackson) via email  or call on –   0438 746 202

The Vets play on most Mondays with tee off times available to be booked. These may vary according to the season.

Entry to events held at the Redcliffe Golf Club is done via the RGC online system under Vets Competition. Tee booking times are available from 6pm each Monday – two weeks in advance of the Competition date. The cost of events held at RGC is payable to the Proshop staff when checking in. 

Away Competitions
On several occasions throughout the year the Vets play away at other courses such as Woodford GC, Caboolture GC, Mount Coolum GC and Maleny GC. The booking for these trips is done by way of a manual system. The Club Captain will advise members of costs, tee off times and partners prior to the event.

Members are responsible for booking their cart.

RGC events on Mondays – There are days when RGC run events on a Monday such as for a prebooked group or on a Public Holiday. The Vets do not run a competition on these days. However, members may play on the Public Holiday in the RGC event.

Competition Process
Each event is played off your GA handicap, members register at the Proshop and pay the comp fee to the Proshop staff. Members may use the MiClub App or a printed scorecard. On completion of a round, if using a score card, enter it into the card reader.

If you are on the start sheet but unable to play, please ensure that you delete your name prior to the event or, if the day of the event notify the Proshop. Men play off the White tees and women on the Reds.  

Handicap divisions
A Grade – 0 -16
B Grade – 17 – 23
C Grade 24 +

Nearest the Pins 
Holes 2, 7 ,11, 13 and 14 (2nd shot) will apply to each Grade.
There is a separate Women’s only shot on the 13th hole.
When playing another course, the Club Captain shall determine the NTPs.

Hole in One:
Players who score an ace will have their ball mounted and be awarded twelve golf balls.
Post Round presentations.

A presentation to the winners and ball run down is held at the completion of the competition in the Clubhouse. Players are encouraged to stay back for this, lunch is available from the caterer.

Results are published on the RGC website and directly to members via email from the Cub Captain.

Stroke events 
The maximum number of shots on any one hole is ten. Once ten shots have been played the member must pick up.

Four ball events
These will be played in two divisions decided by the Club Captain.
Partners will be decided automatically by the booking system unless individuals make arrangements to alter prior to the event.

Ambrose 4 ball
All Ambrose events are stroke.

Every player may hit a tee shot on each hole.
The team selects one ball from which to play the second shot and marks the spot. The other players retrieve their balls and play their next shot from this chosen position.

If the marked spot is on the fairway or green the ball may be placed within 30cms no nearer the hole. In any other place other than in a hazard or out of bounds, it may be placed within one club length no nearer to the hole and in the same condition i.e., if in the rough it must be played from the rough, the same applies to bunkers.

This procedure continues until the ball is holed.

The team handicap is calculated by Mi Score and entered on the scorecard prior to the event.
In a group of 4 each player must use a minimum of four of their tee shots over the eighteen holes. 

In a group of 3 each player must use a minimum of five of their tee shots
over the eighteen holes.

A record of which player’s tee shot was chosen must be recorded on the score card. 
At the completion of the round the team result is calculated by adding the score per hole (gross) and deducting from this total the team handicap to achieve the team’s nett score.

Club Championships:
To be eligible players must have completed 10 RVGC events in the Championship year
Men – from two nominated stroke rounds the player with the lowest gross score shall be the Gross Champion.

The lowest four nett scorers, who are available, will play an 18-hole stroke semifinal (1v4 and 2v3) on a date to be decided, but not immediately after the first two rounds. If tied after 18holes sudden death applies.

The two winners will play an 18-hole final. If tied after 18holes sudden death applies.

Women – from two nominated stroke rounds the player with the lowest combined nett score is the Champion. In the event of a tie, on a nominated date, another 18 holes will be played with the best nett score being the Winner. In the event of a tie sudden death applies.

Competing in teams of two players use one ball and take alternate shots until the hole is completed. The player who did not tee off on the first hole shall tee off on the second and alternate throughout the round.

Players of the Year.
Competitions for Men and Women

Commences in January and concludes at the end of November in any year 
Points are allocated for RVGC stroke events conducted at Redcliffe.

Allocation of points: –
a) Two points for playing
b) Additional one point for equalling nett par (Men 71 , Women 73)
c) Additional two points ( from (a) ) for  playing under your handicap.

In the event of a tie the trophy will be awarded to the player who completed in the most stroke events during the year.

If still tied a countback will apply with the player who scored the most nett points in the last stroke event deemed the winner.

Xmas Luncheon and Awards Presentation
This event is held toward the end of November or early December in the Clubhouse.

Members who have played in ten or more competitions throughout the year are entitled to a free meal and beverages.

The Vets have two major sponsors: –
Bob Aldons Car Business and Redcliffe Leagues Club.

We thank them for their generous donation and encourage members to support these businesses.

Vets 2023 Committee: 

President:  Paul Stapleton 
Vice President: Bill Heraghty
Captain: Colin Walker
Vice Captain: Ray Phelps
Secretary: Wayne Jackson
Treasurer: Hilton Holloway
Committee Member: Garry Colless
Committee Member: Brian Clark
Committee Member: Peter Goding